Throne Room & Purification Room Set 28mm – 8 STL Files


Discover the perfect addition to your tabletop gaming setup with our Throne Room & Purification Room Set. This collection of 3D printable files offers an intricately detailed environment, perfect for enhancing your Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or other tabletop RPG sessions.

Our 28mm scale models are designed to fit seamlessly with other gaming terrain and miniatures, providing a captivating backdrop for your characters’ adventures. The Throne Room & Purification Room Set includes 8 files that are easy to print and assemble, allowing you to create a stunning scene in no time.

Includes 8 downloadable files:

  • 1 Full Columns
  • 1 Broken Columns
  • 1 Stone Thrones
  • 1 Ritual Torches
  • 1 Well of Purification
  • 1 Spell Book Pedestal
  • 2 Treasure Chests

Bring your tabletop gaming to life with Arctic3D’s high-quality, 3D printable terrain sets. Download the Throne Room & Purification Room Set today and take your RPG sessions to new heights.


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