Possessed Stone Throne – Free 3D Printable File for Fantasy Tabletop Games


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Download the free 3D printer file of our expertly designed Possessed Stone Throne miniature model, perfect for adding a touch of dark fantasy to your Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder tabletop games. Enhance your gaming experience with this sinister throne and create immersive storylines for your players.

Bring the Possessed Stone Throne to Your Tabletop RPGs

Our 3D printer file of the Possessed Stone Throne is designed with intricate details, making it an exceptional addition to your fantasy tabletop games. With its menacing face and horns, it can serve as a focal point for thrilling encounters and unforgettable moments in your campaign.

Compatible with Popular Tabletop Games

The Possessed Stone Throne is suitable for use in popular tabletop RPGs, such as Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. Its 28mm scale ensures it fits seamlessly with other miniature models and terrain pieces, enhancing your game’s overall aesthetic.

Download and 3D Print Your Free Possessed Stone Throne Today!

Don’t miss this chance to level up your tabletop RPG experience with our free Possessed Stone Throne 3D printer file. Click the link below to download and start creating a fantastic gaming environment for you and your fellow adventurers!

  • Included is a hollow and pre-supported version for resin based printers.
  • Also includes a solid version for all printer types.
  • Works with all printer types, might need supports for FDM printers.

Origin Story:

Deep within the heart of the mountains, as you journey northward, a glimmer of light catches your eye. You glance around but see nothing. Dismissing it as mere fatigue, you decide to continue on. Just as you turn away, you notice a faint glow pulsating slowly behind a pile of debris and boulders. Driven by curiosity, you investigate further and uncover the entrance to a long-forgotten hall.

Summoning courage, you clear enough debris and decide to venture inside the hall. Although it was clearly abandoned ages ago, you immediately notice the comforting warmth emanating from deep within the chambers. “How can this be?” you ask yourself hesitantly. Ignoring your fears, you push forward into the welcoming hall in search of a place to rest for the night.

You come across a vast chamber, at the center of which stands an eerily placed throne. “Did that throne just look at me?” you wonder. Cautiously, you investigate, feeling the unnerving sensation of being watched. Suddenly overwhelmed by an unknown wave of fear and anxiety, you question whether this place is the best choice to spend the night. Just as you turn to leave, a mysterious voice echoes in your mind, “Leaving so soon??”. You whirl around, searching for the source of the voice, but find nothing. You shout, “Show yourself!”. The voice returns, “Do not fear, my child, don’t you recognize this place?”

As you turn back, the room has transformed, now resembling your favorite tavern. In the center, a table appears, laden with a feast fit for one. The enigmatic voice commands, “Eat now, my child, for you have journeyed far and wide, and now you must rest!”. Overcome by impulse, you approach the table, leaving your sword leaning against the ominous throne. You sit down in the only chair available—the eerie throne itself—and begin to feast. The sumptuous meal delights every taste bud while the tantalizing aromas send you into a dreamlike euphoria.

Years later, a group of adventurers on a similar journey stumbles upon this hall, taking note of the lone throne in the room and the sword resting beside it. Will a new feast commence, or will your party see through the deception?


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