Possessed Stone Throne



Deep in the mountains as you journey north a glimmer of light catches your eye. You look and see nothing. You dismiss it as nothing more than fatigue setting in and decide to continue on. Just as you turn away you notice a faint glow slowly pulsating behind some debris and boulders. You investigate further and discover the entrance to a forgotten hall.

Hoping for the best, you manage to remove enough debris and decide to enter the hall. Although this hall was clearly abandoned long ago you immediately notice the comforting heat emanating from deep within the chambers. “How can this be?” you ask in hesitation. Ignoring your fears you push forward into the warm hall looking for a place to rest the night.

You come across a large room with only an eerily placed throne in the center. “Did that throne just look at me?” you ask yourself. You cautiously investigate, feeling it stare down your every move. You are suddenly overwhelmed with an unknown sense of fear and anxiety and question if this is the best place to rest for the night. You turn to leave and suddenly a voice speaks in your head, “Leaving so soon??”. You turn around looking for the voice and see nothing. You scream “Show yourself!”. The voice returns, “Do not fear, my child, don’t you recognize this place?”

You turn again and suddenly the room has changed and resembles your favorite tavern. In the center a table has appeared and is filled for a feast for one. The commanding voice says “Eat now, my child, you have journeyed far and wide and now you must rest!”. Despite your previous hesitations you impulsively go toward the food table to eat. Leaning your sword on the throne, you sit down in the only chair available, the eerie throne and begin to feast. The feast smothers every taste bud in your mouth while the aromas send you into a dream like euphoria.

Many years later a party of adventurers on a similar journey stumble upon this hall noticing only the throne in the room and a sword leaning beside it. Will a new feast begin or will your party see through the deception?

An old sculpt of a throne I did while learning more about Zbrush, hope you enjoy it!

Included is a hollow and pre-supported version for resin based printers.

Also includes a solid version for all printer types.

Works with all printer types, might need supports for FDM printers.


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